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Komolafe Wants Feasible Housing

Democratic National Alliance Deputy Leader Arinthia Komolafe is calling on the government to go back to the drawing board to design a housing program that is  “sensible, feasible and realistic.” She expressed her concerns this past weekend in the wake only 15 per cent of 60 applicants qualifying for the government’s affordable home program.

Mrs. Komolafe described it as “a classic case of poor planning and deficient execution”. 

According to Housing Minister Romauld Ferreira, only nine persons were eligible for the low-cost lots and he advised Bahamians to “get their financial houses in order”. 

This does not factor in the cost of construction with qualified applicants, who are required to build within two years of purchasing the lots. 

In a press statement Mrs. Komolafe  said, “the comments attributed to the Minister responsible for this initiative that Bahamians need to get their financial house in order is rather interesting. We are hopeful that the Government will heed its own advice and demonstrate a true commitment to fiscal discipline while avoiding imprudent financial decisions on our behalf.”

She added, “It appears that the Government via its representative has had an epiphany on the plight and reality of the average Bahamian; unemployment, underemployment and over-leveraging.

“The only problem is that this realization comes on the heels of a sixty percent (60%) increase in the VAT rate and the passage of a landmark budget of hardship. Coupled with selective austere measures and the absence of a cogent economic growth strategy, the disposable income and purchasing power of the masses has been reduced.”, she said.

The DNA’s deputy leader also said the initial failure of the affordable home program is reminiscent of the failed Mortgage Relief Program under the former administration and is a case of “déjà vu” for disappointed Bahamians seeking to own a home. 

In this regard, she said, “the affordable home program is a misnomer for the fifty-one individuals who cannot afford these lots and consequently have had their hopes dashed. She suggests “reverse the trend of making grandiose announcements and ad hoc decisions without underlying empirical data to support their assertions,”said Mrs. Komolafe. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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