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Minister of Labour, Senator Dion Foulkes  has expressed both surprise and serious concern over local gaming house, Island Luck’s, decision to axe some 350 employees within just 30 days.

Mr. Foulkes  said he received a memo to that effect  with the gaming giant citing the forthcoming increased gaming taxes as the reason for terminations.

“We are very concerned about it.  The government has not made a decision either way in terms of what our reaction is going to be.

“But  350 persons being laid off over a period of 30 days is a very significant matter in terms of the employment in the country. 

“The affect it has on those 350 families, that is something that we are currently discussing. 

“I do not want to presuppose what the reaction of the government is going to be, that is something that has to be decided,” he said.

What Mr. Foulkes did reveal is that his ministry stands willing to assist the displaced workers.

“I’d like to say that we would do all that we can in the Ministry of Labour to assist those persons in finding new employment.

“The economy is doing extremely well, especially in New Providence, and I would urge them all to register with our data bank and down to the Department of Labour.

“There’s a strong possibility of finding alternate employment very very quickly,” said the Minister.

News of Island Luck’s shedding staff follows an in-house memo dated Thursday, June 21, 2018, which the company announced plans to conduct performance assessment exercises.

It was explained that these exercises were not to serve as the determining factor to any downsizing decisions, but a factor nonetheless in the event of store closures and redundancies.

Just last week, ASure Win made a decision to close 11 of its locations throughout the country by the end of the month, displacing 50 of its workers.

Meanwhile, the jobless rate set to climb as another two gaming companies reassess their operations ahead of added taxes.

In a memo, Paradise Games CEO, Kevin Knowles indicated that effective immediately, performance appraisals will begin.

It’s said the information will be considered in the likely event redundancies and storefront closures become necessary.

Mr. Knowles, added that as they move towards the inevitable, everyone should use this opportunity to evaluate their work performance as well as spending and saving habits.

Employees were further urged to consult their immediate supervisor, human resources manager, or pastor as such situations can sometimes take a toll on one’s physical, emotional and mental health.

CEO of FML Group of Companies, Craig Flowers  has meantime offered some optimism looking ahead.

For his part, he’s told employees he’s devoted to remaining open in order to secure jobs.

News of gaming houses firings, closures and performance appraisal exercises come as the group was in talks with the government over the proposed tax increase, for over a month, according to Labour Minister, Senator Dion Foulkes. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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