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Potential investors, particularly of Fortune 500 companies are keen on investing in Grand Bahama.  This is the view of Prime Minister Doctor Hubert Minnis as he addressed  members of the Media yesterday upon his return from a promotional visit to the state of Texas.

Dr, Minnis and his delegation  visited with the Governor of Texas as well as the Texas Association of Business (TAB) where they  pitched the nation’s second city as a potential home for investors.

“In Texas, we met with senior executives of Google, Silicon Laboratories, DELL, and other technological institutions there.

“We explained to them the business opportunities, especially in Grand Bahama, of which they were very keen and made a commitment that they would travel down to Grand Bahama, because as you know Grand Bahama had a very successful tech hub seminar,  and they would be more than happy to assist moving forward.

“They were very keen in the business opportunities there in Grand Bahama,” Dr. Minnis said.

“We did a video presentation. They were completely mesmerized as to the potential there and what Grand Bahama has;  they have spoken very positively,” he said.

As to why the focus is on Grand Bahama, Dr. Minnis said that the island was ignored for too long and needed some resolve.

“The concern is why all the focus on Grand Bahama.  I view New Providence, as an aircraft trying to take off, but we have a head wind Grand Bahama and that headwind is preventing The Bahamas from lifting.

“We have ignored that headwind. Our trust is to resolve that headwind so that the entire Bahamas can now take off smoothly and be successful,” Dr. Minnis said.

As for his part on the trip to Texas Minister of State for Grand Bahama, Senator Kwasi Thompson, met with representatives at the port in Texas.

“Minister Thompson lead a delegation visiting the port there. They built a very great relationship there.

“It’s the number two port there in the U S A and we have an excellent port here in Grand Bahama and The Bahamas at large; and we will harness that relationship and see what we can learn,” Dr. Minnis said.

Dr. Minnis concluded that Senator Thompson will continue discussions with DELL Hewlett Packard, the Silicon Group and other technological companies in Texas.

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