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Inmates Go Job Hunting

Another Labour on the Blocks job fair, but this time, inmates are the job seekers.

Yesterday, at the Bahamas Department of Corrections, 30 inmates seeking employment presented their resumes and sat for  job interviews with 16 prospective employers.

Labour Minister, Dion Foulkes, spoke to the importance of this initiative.

He said, “ we could encourage other companies who are not present, to engage in not only inmates who are going to be released from the prison, but also those who have already been released, who are having a difficulty finding a job.

“What the FNM government wants to do and what our Prime Minister’s committed to do, is improving the lives of every single Bahamian, including those that may have had some challenges and misfortunes in their lives,” he added.

“One of the main things in improving the lives, is finding a job, finding income so you can support your family, so you could live a decent life,” said the Minister. 

Some of the companies present, included Bahamas Food Services, Aquapure, ARM Caribbean Limited, BAMSI, as well as security and construction companies. 

Acting Commissioner of Corrections, Charles Murphy, told what rehabilitative measures are taken for inmates to get to this point.

“Over the years the recidivism rate was very high, unacceptable to us at the department, and to the government.

“Hence, we seek to give each inmate a skillset so when they leave our department, they wouldn’t return because they’ll find gainful employment,” he added.

“We have a number of programs that go on in or training department.

“Inmates are engaged in life management, in family planning, money management and a number of other skills, and they are interviewed when they were selected for this level of the rehabilitative program,” said Mr. Murphy.

Inmate Ian Hutchinson, said he was  elated about the initiative, which proves there is  hope for the future.


“I watched a lot of the young men walk out of here and I speak to them on occasion every day and as far as they’re concerned if you have a criminal record, no one’s going to hire you.

“But  to see these folks come here today, took the time away from their business, that tells you something, because some church folks don’t even come in, I’ll be honest with you.

“So to see folks come here today and sit down to interview and they tell you, most of the folks tell you they would give you a job, it’s up to you.

“So what this does is, when I get back to where I live, I can say    to the guys what I’ve been telling them now for the past 13 years, all hope is not lost.

“There’s some folks out there who still care, and they’re willing to take a chance with you, now it’s what you do with the opportunity,” said Hutchinson.

All 30 inmates will be released within the next three months.

This is the Ministry’s  eighth Labour on the Block job fair – it marked the first at the BDC.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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