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Ingraham Charge Unfounded

The Ministry of Finance claims that there is no evidence of $860,700 in missing or stolen funds, which former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham alleged was misplaced by the government.


The Ministry of Finance issued a statement yesterday noting that there should be evidence to back Mr. Ingraham’s allegation and he should provide it.


“The ministry is aware of an incident of overpayment to a vendor. This incident has been reported to the auditor general as per general orders and steps have been taken to recover this overpayment, which does not approach $860,700,” the statement read.


“Disciplinary action has been taken against the officer responsible for the overpayment and investigations are continuing.


“The ministry invites Mr. Ingraham to provide any evidence of this alleged fraud to the Ministry of Finance or the commissioner of police so that it can be thoroughly investigated.”


Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts said yesterday that Mr. Ingraham’s allegation of stolen money is false and also invited him to provide evidence.


“The PLP is satisfied that there was no theft at the Ministry of Finance as Ingraham alleged in Abaco and reported uncritically by the media. I publicly challenge Hubert Ingraham to produce the evidence; turn it over to the police – that is, put up or shut up. We trust the police, the financial secretary and the auditor general over the Abaco dragon any day of the week,” Mr. Roberts said.


Mr. Ingraham made the allegation of the missing funds on Monday, as he addressed the Free National Movement’s (FNM) mass rally in North Abaco.


“Thieving going on every day. I’m just told yesterday actually that $860,700 was stolen from the Ministry of Finance under the watchful eyes or not so watchful eyes of the prime minister and Finance Minister Halkitis,” Mr. Ingraham said.


“Eight hundred and sixty thousand just gone. It’s clear they have no intention of accounting for anything. They can’t even account for the VAT.”


Mr. Ingraham attended Monday night’s rally to throw his full backing behind former Defence Force Officer and Attorney Darren Henfield.


The former FNM leader went on to suggest that he feels the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) incumbent for the island is ineffective, distracted by self-interest and come May 10 should be fired along with his party.


As for the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate, Mr. Ingraham said a vote for the DNA is a waste of time.

“On election day you have a clear choice between two parties and clear choice between two candidates. You can vote for a candidate who has demonstrated to you for the past five years that he does not want to work for you or you can vote for Darren Henfield the FNM candidate for North Abaco, a man with the desire to serve you, a man with experience and man with a plan for North Abaco,” he said.


“Now the other candidate for the DNA is also a near and dear relative of mine, but unfortunately though she is with some party that cannot win. If you have a vote to waste, then look that way.”



Written by Jones Bahamas

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