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House Speaker Attacks Gaming Industry


Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie criticized the gaming industry, as he believes the industry is a major impediment to national development and produced a mindset of success without process.

In the House of Assembly on Thursday, he explained that legalizing the Criminal Act in 2014 doesn’t change the mindset of criminals.

“We are discovering now that just passing a law doesn’t change the mindset of a criminal because if you regularize or legalize a criminal, that criminal is of the same mindset,” Moultrie said.  

“That is why even though the Parliament pass laws about taxation on that industry, that mindset causes those same individuals to refuse to pay taxes and to take the government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to court.”   

Moultrie added that the government ought to take the position that if anyone has an issue with any taxation, then they must still pay the taxes until the matter is resolved in court.

The government, he further asserted, should also take the stance that anyone refusing to pay their taxes should result in their license being suspended or revoked.

“If you want to take the matter to the courts, pay until the courts make the determination. If the courts make a determination in your favor, then you would be credited with the taxation that you paid,” Moultrie said. 

“However, you do not challenge the government and refuse to pay taxes. What if every other citizen took that position and refuse to pay for their driver’s license and refuse to pay their Real Property Tax and flood the courts with claims?” 

The house speaker’s candid comments came in the presence of nearly 40 social science teachers visiting the House of Assembly. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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