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HMP Calls On Canada For Training

Her Majesty’s Prisons is keen on ensuring that its officers are well trained, as the Fox Hill compound makes the move from a punitive to correctional facility.

HMP officials are equally convinced that such training is absolutely essential to ultimately reducing or at least putting a dent in the recidivism rate.

“It is important to prepare all officers to be 21st century ready, so that they are able to accept and meet the challenges that lay ahead,” Prison Superintendent Patrick Wright said.

In that vein, local prison officials have teamed up with their colleagues from the Correctional Services in Canada, led by its Commissioner Don Head.

“Despite the fact we are separated by vast waters, we all share similar goals, values, objectives and philosophies,” Supt. Wright said.

Supt. Wright is hoping their meeting would formalise an exchange training programme between The Bahamas and Canada.

“The objective of this meeting is to attach future leaders of HMP in the Correctional Services in Canada for a period of nine to 12 months to understudy best practices in 21st century corrections, with focus on correctional leadership,” he said.

Commissioner Head’s visit follows that of Michael Tidwell, chief of Corrections at Orange County Corrections Department in Orlando, Florida.

During the visit, Chief Tidwell toured the facility, including the Maximum, Medium and Minimum Security Units, Remand Centre, Central Intake and the Female Housing Unit.

Chief Tidwell’s observations and recommendations are also expected to assist with HMP’s transformation

Orange County Corrections Department is known for its 21st century best practices with respect to inmates’ reformation, rehabilitation and re-entry Programmes.

It is also considered one of the highest rated facilities (third) in the United States of America.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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