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Grieving Mother Bashes Ankle Bracelet

The distraught mother of the man whose badly decomposed body was discovered in bushes in southern New Providence Monday is convinced the electronic monitoring bracelet system does not work.
The woman’s son was one of nearly 400 suspects out on bail wearing the tracking device.

His body was discovered by a fisherman at the South Beach Canal through a nearby tract road.

According to police, there were blood stains on the victim’s shirt. Two fired cartridges were found near his body.

However, many have questioned why authorities failed to realise that something must have happened, considering no movement would have been registered for almost a week.

“Those bracelets are not working. They are only good enough for the police at the Control Room to call in and tell you that you need to charge it up,” the mother said.

“My son moved to Inagua with me almost one year ago. He has a case in Nassau, but he moved to Inagua. When they found out he was in Inagua, they would only call in to tell him it needed to charge. Not only that, he came back to Nassau. He has been out to sea for the past two months fishing. So you could tell me, if he has a bracelet on and he was working out to sea, how come the police didn’t know where he was?

“…He said he told the police he needed a job and that’s why he was going out to sea and that it was okay with them. I said ‘I thought you can’t do it with that on.’ He said, ‘I don’t know. I thought it was okay.’”

The mother, who called into Love 97’s daily talkshow, “Issues Of The Day” yesterday, also dismissed claims that her son had possibly been dead a week.

Instead she said, he could have only been dead about four to five days.

“I spoke to him on the phone last Thursday. He just came in from fishing about a week ago because he had a case….,” she said.
“Those bracelets are a mind thing. That’s how I feel about it. They should have been able to say this person with this bracelet on was situated at this spot for more than three days, I need someone to go out there and check it and see what is going on. If that person didn’t go out there fishing, he might have still been out there. They wouldn’t even have known he was missing.

“This is a hurtful situation and they need to do something about this because even though they’re criminals, they’re still at risk because anything could be done and the fellas realise that this bracelet is something of a mind thing.”

Grief is nothing new to the mother of three boys.

Her first son was killed nearly two years ago.

“Threats were made and it’s like nothing is being done. No one is listening to us. I went to every authority. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do because it’s rough,” she said through tears.

“Even though they are criminals and they have on these bracelets, you go to them and explain to them what is going on and they’re not listening. I had to leave my job, leave the island, everything and go. I don’t know what to do. They shoot up our house a couple times. We made a report.”

The grieving mother said she even went to witness protection.

“We were asked if we didn’t have any place we could go so I suggested a place and they said, ‘well, go there.’ I left there thinking they would have assisted me or do whatever…But, there’s nobody to go to, nobody. I don’t even know what to do anymore, “she said, adding that she is only surviving thanks to her two older children

“God really doesn’t put more on you than you bear but this load is getting a little heavy. This is rough. People don’t know, until you have been here. I don’t care, most of us have a child who is bad but that doesn’t say the whole family must be wiped out and what makes me so scared about it is that I have seen people gotten shot and killed because they were witnesses….No matter who you go to there is no help, no help. They have caused me lose hope in everything.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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