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Gray: ‘FNM Bought MICAL’

The victory of the Free National Movement (FNM) in the May 10  general election had “nothing to do with what the Christie administration did or did not do,” according to Former MICAL Member of Parliament (MP) V. Alfred Gray.

The former MP insists the election was “bought” from the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

This, he feels is particularly the case throughout the Family Islands.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Gray charged that his former constituents seem to be in a state of hopelessness with the present FNM government.

Mr. Gray’s sentiments came yesterday during an appearance on Love 97’s daily talk show, “Issues of the Day.”

“For the Family Islands, the poverty level, the monies that were being circulated, they succumbed to that. It had nothing to do with what the government did or did not do,” lamented Mr. Gray.

“It was a matter of having $1,000 today and I need that now. It wasn’t giving the government credit for what they did, or didn’t credit them for what they did not do because if all things were considered, Salina Point had every reason to vote for the government.”

However, immediately refuting these allegations was the husband of MICAL MP Leroy Emmanuel, who phoned in his response.

“I would like to know, all of this money he claimed that was spent in Salina Point. Mr. Gray knows better than that,” Mr. Emmanuel said.

“As a matter of fact, I called Salina Point just a while ago. So I would like to know who spent this money. I’m sure it’s not on our side. I was there. I supported my wife.

“I respect Mr. Gray, but sometimes Mr. Gray really has to stop. He knows better. If he wants to talk about spending money…There’s only one regret I have Mr. Jones. We were looking to beat Mr. Gray by at least 100.”

Mr. Gray lost his seat in May to MICAL MP Miriam Reckley-Emmanuel.

Mrs. Emmanuel is a political newcomer, who managed to obtain 62 more votes to defeat Mr. Gray.

After 20 years in frontline politics, Mr. Gray said he is actually relieved he did not win his seat in the recent election.

“I do not want to be in the House of Assembly in opposition to this FNM government,” Mr. Gray said.

“Former Prime Minister Mr. Ingraham was an angel compared to some of these people today.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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