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‘Govt Unable to Hire for More Surveys,’ Says Folks – -15 BAIC Employees Sent Home

Following the release of the unemployment statistics last week, officials revealed that some other surveys which could be done more frequently are not because of inadequate staff and according to Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes, that will be the case for a little while longer.

Mr. Foulkes said yesterday that it is normal for countries like Europe to conduct this type of survey every month.

However, when asked about it, the minister told reporters the fact is that there needs to be more hands on deck, but the public purse won’t be able handle it at the moment.

“The government now is hard pressed in terms of our financial commitment. We want to avoid another downgrade at all costs,” Mr. Foulkes said.

“If we begin to add people onto the government payroll it will not be favorable for us in the international rating agency.”

Officials specifically noted that the Department of Statistics would wish to do the country’s census more frequently, but it does not have the man power or funds.

The next census is expected in 2021.

Mr. Foulkes added that one of the reasons the country was downgraded was because of mass hiring.

“They opened up the door to massive employment in the government service,” he said.

“Almost 6,000 people were employed.”

The government has gone on record patting itself on the back for the latest unemployment decrease despite the barbs thrown at the Progressive Liberal Party for allegedly hiring hundreds of people in the run up to the May 10 general election.

BAIC Employees’ Contracts Ended

Mr. Foulkes also confirmed that 15 Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) employees were sent home on Monday after their contracts expired.

Mr. Foulkes explained to reporters yesterday that the employees were hired on three month contracts just before the May 10 general election.

He compared the employment of BAIC’s staff to the government’s 52 weeks programme.

“When the 52 weeks was up, the contract was up.  To use the term layoffs, in my view, is not the correct term,” Mr. Foulkes said.

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