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Gov’t To Empower Bahamians With Land

Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, says “our vision is to create a minimum of one subdivision per year over the next 10 years.”

Dr. Minnis  made the pledge  to members of the House of Assembly on Monday while participating in the budget debate.

The government wants to give  each Bahamian an opportunity to own and purchase land with all the infrastructure, light, water, cable, roads  at a cost of less than $30,000.


The first islands to be a part of this program are  New Providence, Andros, Abaco, Exuma and San Salvador.


The PM stressed the need for Bahamians, especially young Bahamians, to own land in the country.

“We must ensure that each and every Bahamian has an opportunity to own land in this country.


“Because a large number of Bahamians are under the age of 35, a percentage of service lots will be geared toward those 35 years old and younger. What we’re saying, is we will give our young people a start in life.”


However, the Prime Minister said he wished to clarify a matter in which there seems to be some confusion.


“Though I want to encourage qualifying public officers to apply for land in this program, this program is not restricted to public officers.


“Any Bahamian, who is interested in this program, and who meets the qualifications are eligible to apply, including single mothers, and moderate-income families.


“These government subdivisions will allow these young people to build their homes duty free; we’re looking after young people,” he added.


According to Dr. Minnis, phase two of this policy, the commercial component, will be legislated next year.


“This component will afford Bahamians the opportunity to purchase land at minimum a cost for Bed and Breakfast hotels, helping more Bahamians to own boutique and small hotels, and to become involved in our primary industry,” he said.


“This is important because especially in the family islands, and it’s happening here also, but especially in the family islands, many of our foreign guests and residents are building second homes, and these second homes become a part of hotel inventory.


“Their rooms are rented and as a result of that Bahamians are losing their own country,” said Dr. Minnis.


The Prime Minister said that the government foresees that if nothing is done within the next 10-20 years,  the work inventory in the family islands, bed breakfast etc. will be owned by foreigners and Bahamians will be displaced.


“We are a futuristic government, we look and anticipate what may possibly happen and subsequently tried to prevent it from happening so as to ensure that Bahamians are protected,” he said.


“We are in the process, our land and survey department is in the process of surveying and identifying land that we deem important for the development of bed and breakfast hotels, boutiques etc.,” he added.


“These land will be zoned and subsequently sold to Bahamians at reduced rate with all the infrastructure so that Bahamians moving forward will own our boutique hotels.”


The Prime Minister also shared plans for the local economy.


“We also want to stimulate the local economy and bed and breakfast hotels, as the name suggests individuals sell breakfast,” he said.


“If all the breakfast items, and BAIC would love this, if all the breakfast items are strictly Bahamian,  then they will be incentivized even further.

“They like the residential component would be able to build their hotel duty free.”


The Prime Minister  wrapped up the Budget Debate on Monday.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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