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Gov’t Gets Poor Ratings

Thousands of Bahamians around the Bahamas are engaged in exercises to assess the performance of the government of Prime Minister Doctor Hubert Minnis after  one year in office.  There are four more years left in the term.

 Callers on the Love 97 Radio Talk show “Issues of the Day” in the main gave the administration a failing grade for productivity.  On balance, the government got poor ratings overall  by most callers.

Among those who offered grades, there were 12 F’s, 2 E’s, 5 D’s, 5 C’s and 7 B’s. 

In the  unscientific poll, all of the callers offered comments to justify  the grades offered. 

One female participant said, “I want to give the government a B+ based on their actions and activities so far. 

“If you look at crime, as reported crime is down, the economy is growing a bit, and our Minister of Education is getting education on the right track. Those were three of the pertinent things in our country that we needed strong focus on,” she  said. 

Another caller said that what she had voted for she has seen improvement, therefore also giving the government a B+.

“I voted on crime and the fear of crime, and for the first time in my life, for the last six months I could drive around Nassau and not be fearful. That’s what I voted on and I have gotten what I voted on,” she said. 

One caller who also gave the FNM administration a favourable grade said that there are areas that have seen some improvements. 

“I look at the Ministry of National Security and I see that they [have] started to make a difference there. 

“I look at Tourism, its starting to make a difference. I think they are trying in some areas,” the caller said. 

Giving a negative assessment, some callers were not as kind in the grade they thought the government should receive. 

“I give them an F. I’ve never seen a government administration move so stagnantly. 

“When we jump off the gun after any election, we are usually able to have some kind of flow. There has not been a flow that has been consistent with this administration. 

“There has been nothing but complaints and contention. I’m sorry I don’t see five years with these guys,” the caller said. 

Another caller gave the FNM administration an F, stating multiple issues, particularly with Grand Bahama’s economy. 

“I give them an F. Why is that? 1. Our Lucaya, the hotel property is a ghost town, business is really slow. 

“I also give them an F based on the OBAN Project for East End [Grand Bahama]. It seems as though now its gone silent and I guarantee you it will continue to be silent until everybody forgets about it,” the caller said. 

Meantime union leaders also weighed in on the governments first year. 

President of the Trade Union Congress Obie Ferguson said that he could not give an overall assessment from the labour front as there were many issues to be dealt with. However, he said that the governments Over-the-Hill initiative would receive a grade A. 

President of the Doctors Union Macumba Millar said that with the doctors still having issues that need to be addressed,  he can only give the government a C-.

“I can only speak for my area. There’s a lot of ideas gone about, but it’s very poor execution. 

“They are being very lackadaisical of not fulfilling their promises. Just like the nurses we have our same issues. They are not telling us anything. They are not dialoguing with us and they are not telling us when they are going to pay these persons,” Dr. Millar said. 

The FNM administration took office after defeating the Progressive Liberal Party, winning 35 of 39 seats in the House of Assembly, last year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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