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Govt Creating Damage

Opposition Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis is on the defensive again and it has everything to do with the arrests of some of his former Cabinet colleagues, which he believes is damaging the country’s reputation.

During an interview with reporters following the Fox Hill Day church service yesterday, Davis openly blamed the government for smearing the country’s image in light of all arraignments of previous high officials.

Davis sensed an “anger that is permeating the air in the society” and much of it due in part of the government’s “witch hunt.”

“They are not balancing against the reputation of both domestically and internationally of our country,” Davis feared.

The opposition leader advised the government “to go and look at the Robert Hall Commission of Inquiry report and find out what and the mature manner in which it was dealt with.”

However, Davis does not deny the “call for action” against Cabinet ministers that abuse their power and misconduct in office.

But he firmly believes the government does not understand the balancing of the country’s domestic and international image and this will leave investors wondering if The Bahamas is a “banana republic.”

He even warned that the outcome of all other witch hunts end like all other witch hunts by the Free National Movement.

“The Commission of Inquiry – what happened? All of the cost, most of the salient conclusion, and findings were cost by the Supreme Court,” Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis, in adopting Senator Fred Mitchell’s terminology that the Minnis administration is “slave shaming” former PLP ministers, called again for a stop to it.

“While we are slave shaming former ministers of the government in non-violent alleged infractions of the law, there has been an avalanche of violence in criminal activities in our island which the FNM has been unable to staunch. It is simply shameful what transpired today,” he said in a response to the arrest of former Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson last week.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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