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Govt Committed to NHI Improvements

Legal advice has suggested that National Health Insurance (NHI) be done away with completely, but according to Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands, that will not happen even with the hiccups the programme’s faced, its staggering price tag and premature roll out.

“While I’m aware of legal opinions on either side we have to make a decision. That decisions that we are going to constitute the board to ensure that the national health insurance authority is legally and properly constituted,” he said.

“That we have the right governance structure, the right corporate structure, that all of the contracts have a sound legal footing but most of all that the Bahamian people get benefit for the millions of dollars they have spent and they continue to spend on this programme.”

Dr. Sands was very critical of the programme while in opposition.

Since taking office, he’s repeatedly called for NHI to be revamped, stressing that the one size fits all model implemented by the previous government went where it should not be.

Moving forward Dr. Sands said his ministry remains committed to making NHI work.

“That requires a series of steps. Those steps will be taken. The problems will be corrected and in short order things will be done appropriately, legally,” he said.

Dr. Sands added that he plans on working with the private sector to work out the new details.

As of June 26, the NHI Secretariat said enrollment numbers had stabilized.

“Enrolment in NHI Bahamas is still ongoing and persons who have enrolled in NHI Bahamas and have been matched with a primary care provider continue to have access to a primary care physician and laboratory services at no cost at point of care,” the NHI Secretariat said.

“Persons interested in enrolling can do so online or in-person at your local enrolment office.”

More than 25,000 Bahamians and legal residents have enrolled.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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