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Drug use among students has decreased in some schools, but another vice or addiction is starting to infiltrate schools. That is gambling.

Eloise Whyms, Principal of The Government High School told The Journal yesterday, “for the 2016/2017 academic year, we have had less incidents with drugs. What we have seen an increase in though is the gambling in this school; there has been a significant increase.

“One of our goals this year is to try and work towards decreasing the amount of students that have now turned to gambling.” This comment came at the beginning of the first ever annual drug free school day which commenced yesterday.

High Schools throughout the country released balloons of various colours in observance of this unprecedented event. The Balloons were branded with the theme, Annual Drug Free School Day.

Speaking with administrative staff from various schools, they informed The Journal that their students were very interested in the topic of remaining drug free.

Principal Whyms stated that during GHS’s general assembly, symptoms of popular drugs were mentioned and her students expressed familiarity with such symptoms and were able to label the drugs to each symptom stated.

She said, “What is interesting was, we named some of the symptoms that the kids are familiar with and they could call the names. We also spoke with them and told them that in order to stay focus their bodies need to be free of the drugs.”

Upon releasing of the balloons in observance of this day, students eagerly chanted, “I’m loving me drug free.”

Former CR Walker High School principal, Dr. Willard Barr addressed students using startling statistics about who is using and what drug of choice is being used by individuals.

Removing stereotypes of drug use among high school boys alone, Dr. Barr also told the students that boys alone are not using drugs, but girls use a significant amount of drugs as well.

Working toward a drug free environment, Ms. Darville emphasized to the students the negative outcome of drug abuse. “We are hoping that the students will see through all the faults and damages that come with the use of drugs and hopefully they try to stay away from drug use.”

St. Johns College Guidance Counselors, Luke Caley and Annaclara Styles explained the importance of living a drug free lifestyle to their students.   However, students apparently were surprised about this endeavour.

Mr. Caley said, “The kids were quite surprised that we are actually doing a drug free day.”

He stated , “maybe more initiatives can be added to it for next year and more planning can be put into it to make it greater.”

Mr. Caley says that next year, he hopes the day will be extended to a full week of activities for the students.


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