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Fraud Crimes On The Increase

National Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday spoke out on what is considered  an increase in fraud cases in the country. 

Mr. Dames told reporters yesterday that fraud has always been a concern and that the ministry expects that in the age of information and technology this concern will “no doubt heighten”. 

He said, “we as a government have taken certain steps as well to ensure that we build capacity within the Royal Bahamas Police Force.”

The  Minister  added that law enforcement plans on putting emphasis on the investigations of fraud matters, while building a Financial and Cyber Crime Division within the force. 

He said, “one of the things that we have come to recognize, we often say that financial services is the second pillar to our economy, but we tend to not give it the attention from an investigative standpoint that it very well deserves.” 

Mr. Dames said the public can expect to see an “Independent Financial Investigations/ Cyber-crime Unit”  which will start with a push to recruit individuals with degrees in Finance, Accounting, and Information Technology. 

He said, “this is the way the world is headed, and if we’re going to compete,  if we’re going to be able to stay on top of those persons beginning to use this medium to deceive and take advantage of others, we have to be a step ahead.” 

There are currently five men wanted by police in connection with several fraud investigations in the capital, and three American men were arraigned in court for similar charges this week. 

In the wake of this, Mr. Dames said that the public can expect to see a lot of movement on this front by the Minnis Administration through law enforcement agencies, particularly the RBPF.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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