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Former MP Wants ‘Heads to Roll’ at BPL

Former Free National Movement Member of Parliament Lester Turnquest called for “heads to roll” while expressing his frustration over Bahamas Power and Light’s (BPL) miserable load shedding crisis.

Turnquest was one of many callers yesterday on Love 97’s Issues of the Day radio talk show, who expressed disappoint in BPL following its press conference on Sunday where CEO Whitney Heastie was unable to guarantee an end to load shedding.  

“The reality is that it doesn’t appear to have been the will to grab this problem and make it a national priority to solve this one. This is intolerable,” Mr. Turnquest said. 

“This kind of foolishness only happens in the case of failed states, the inability to provide and ensure essential service. 

“This standard, this performance is not acceptable. The explanation, the increase in bills when we know by their own hand that the consummation went down requires more in-depth explanation. I want some heads to roll.”     

Another caller said BPL’s load shedding is an “insult to the Bahamian people”.

“Why can’t y’all tell? Y’all are working for the Bahamian public. Why can’t the public hear about this secret deal that y’all have? That’s only one of the things, but I’m saying too is that they are not being straight with us. They have to be straight with us,” the caller added.

Another caller pointed out that “the press conference was very empty”.

“If nothing could come out of that conference that one could really bite into, this same generator that these guys brought in was operated by some very component persons they outsource,” the caller said.

Some of the callers voiced their concerns over the prime minister’s silence on the issue. 

“This is a crisis at the highest level you can think. This is almost a national security issue,” a caller said.

“The prime minister has yet to come to the nation and speak to the nation on this crisis and I know one might say, ‘that’s not a part of his portfolio,’ but the empathetic and the sympathy of the people was the heart of what the government was suppose to be. 

“It’s sad to see the prime minister to be on Arawak Cay shaking cow bells.” 

BPL officials noted that construction of a brand new 132 megawatt power station, powered by Finland-based manufacturing company Wartsila will fix the decades-long annoyance. 

However, that plant is expected to be completed in December.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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