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Former DNA Leader Branville McCartney

By Delvardo Emmanuel
Journal Staff Writer

“The PLP reeks of victimization,” this from former leader of the Democratic
National Alliance (DNA) Branville McCartney, while addressing a shake up at the
Ministry of Immigration and the alleged mishandling of Acting Director of
Immigration Keturah Ferguson.
Reportedly, Mrs Ferguson is to be placed on leave and forced into early retirement.
The government is yet to confirm or deny this accusation since it first surfaced
over two weeks ago.
Mr. McCartney says if this is true the acting director has a good legal ground as a
next course of action. The former State Minister for immigration is crying shame
on the government as he says this type of behaviour is common with the PLP.
“I would imagine she would have good legal recourse in the circumstances, as to
whether or not she moves in that vein, that’s totally up to her. It’s unfortunate
because it stinks of victimization let me put it like that, plain and simple, it stinks
of victimization, and the PLP should know better because they are known for that
previously, and they went ahead and did something that reeks of victimization; it’s
not right, it’s not fair.”
It is speculation that Mrs Ferguson is being made to retire following a strained
relationship with former Minister of Immigration and Labour Keith Bell.
Mr. McCartney, who served as Minister of State for Immigration in the Ingraham
Administration praised Mrs. Ferguson for her work when he was the minister.
“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Keturah when I was at immigration and
found her to be an excellent civil servant in the department. Someone who was
well equipped, who knew her job; and as a matter of fact when I went there as a
minister she helped to guide me.
“With her being asked to resign or step down or retire, whatever it is, it stinks.
And I don’t think that bodes well for the government,” said Mr McCartney.
As a practicing attorney at law Mr. McCartney also defended former Minister Bell
who was heavily criticized for granting citizenship to a foreign woman and her
children at her husband’s funeral. Mr McCartney contends Minister Bell operated
within the law.

“There was a lot of talk about Minister Bell and some of the actions taken by him,
but the actions from a legal point of view fell within his purview. It may have
been out of the ordinary, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was wrong.
“There was a lot of talk about citizenship and that sort of thing, but the minister has
the right to swear someone in. It doesn’t necessarily say where, and in order for the
minister to swear someone in or to give citizenship he must have had the approval
of Cabinet.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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