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“FNM Unstable,” says Roberts

Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Bradley Roberts is regarding the Free National Movement (FNM) as a party that is currently crumbling due to its undivided stance as a party.Mr. Roberts says he does not understand how the FNM expects Bahamians to think they can lead the country when the party appears to be very unstable.

“It is written that a house divided against itself cannot stand and given the unrelenting infighting within the FNM, Bahamians in increasing numbers are asking how this organization can hope to lead a country when it is unable to organize and lead itself?” he questioned.

“The scathing public attack East Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant launched into leader Dr. Hubert Minnis essentially accusing him of being disrespectful and failing to lead.”

“Dr. Minnis then failed to show up for the swearing in of his two latest senators, one of whom seems to want him gone in favor of Loretta Butler-Turner.”

“Dr. Rollins (recent FNM convert), has characterized Dr. Minnis as “comical” and publicly indicated that he would not seek a FNM nomination if Dr. Minnis survives the leadership race at the party’s July convention.”

“Added to this already toxic and untenable state of affairs is the Abaco Dragon and resident coward, Hubert Ingraham, who abandoned the FNM on election night, pretended to retire from front-line politics only to undermine the leadership of Dr. Minnis at every turn for four solid years.”

Recently, appointed Senator Dr. Duane Sands announced two weeks ago his bid to run as deputy leader of the FNM alongside Log Island MP Loretta Butler Turner, however Ms. Butler-Turner has been tight lipped on this announcement.

Dr. Sands has said that if anyone can say the FNM cannot be better than it already is, they are lying and he believes himself along with the Long Island MP are the leaders to propel the organization forward.

Dr. Minnis has said in response to this that the party stands for democracy and that is simply a democratic move.

During Mr. Roberts’ lambasting of the party, he highlighted in his view, the organizational weakness of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

“There continues to be cries and a cynical campaign of subterfuge from a particular tribe or faction within the FNM to facilitate the return of the Abaco Dragon,” he said

“The very man who said he only wanted two terms but returned in 2007 like a thief in the night to selfishly seize power despite assuring Tommy Turnquest the night before that he had no interest in the leadership of the FNM.

“The reasonable expectation of many in that party was that Mr. Ingraham would have offered wise counsel, mentoring and guidance to the FNM’s relatively inexperienced parliamentary team.”

“It appears now that all along, Ingraham orchestrated the organizational weaknesses within the FNM party from behind the scenes. The toxic product was constant infighting, the intentional washing of their dirty laundry in public and the open vilification of its duly elected leader.”

Mr. Roberts questioned whether Bahamians can trust the FNM considering, in his view, the wrecked economy of The Bahamas that the FNM left in 2012.

“My fellow Bahamians, “is that what you want for your family and your children’s future? Consider the performance of the FNM during the recent 2016/2017 budget debate. Did the FNM present a viable alternative plan for our Bahamas?”The FNM convention is to be held on July 27-29.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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