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Father on Bail Shot Dead

The wails of a distraught mother pierced the air yesterday as her son’s bloodied body laid lifeless at the corner of Commonwealth Boulevard and Malaysia Way after being shot to death by an unknown assailant.

The tragedy unfolded just a stone’s throw away from a Police Force Summer Camp in the Elizabeth Estates community.

“The deceased was walking in this area when a white Honda Stream pulled up and a lone gunman emerged and opened fire,” Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said.


“Subsequently, EMS was called in. They did an examination of the body and pronounced him dead.”

Chief Superintendent Cash also told reporters that during the course of investigations they made a significant discovery in the deceased’s vehicle.

“We got information that the vehicle is owned by the deceased and we also got additional information that he may have had drugs in his possession,” he said.

“Hence, we conducted a search and found a large quantity of suspected marijuana in the interior of the vehicle and that is under investigation.”

Longtime area resident Patrick Peterson told The Bahama Journal incidents like these are few and far between.

“Normally, you have one or two fellas who have one or two disagreements but they don’t shoot it out. They normally end up being cool a few days later because everybody grew up with one another around here. I don’t know what the violence is about especially with this this morning,” he said.

“I was inside. I heard the shots and by time I ran out here he was on the ground.”

Now, given that this is not the first time someone on bail has been shot and killed, Chief Superintendent Cash issued the following piece of advice to those who are currently being monitored.

“They ought to remain in the confines of their home.  That’s the best advice that I could give them,” he said.

The victim was identified as Karran Collie.

This latest homicide is the fourth in four days and comes as the 77th murder for the year.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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