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The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce Chief Eexecutive Officer  Jeffrey Beckles says  more must be done to ensure all sectors benefit from the economy’s growth as the small and medium sized businesses are not feeling it.

He  said that if not sustained,  that 2.6 per cent growth the economy is experiencing will decline, specifically in the tourism industry.

“These increases that we are talking about, how are they penetrating to the average Bahamian? How are they affecting the restaurants? 

“How are they affecting the Straw Markets? How are they effecting ground transportation and other areas? 

“How are people really feeling the effect of this growth we have been talking about so lavishly in the public spaces? Because if they aren’t feeling it, then you’re just simply talking about a number and if they aren’t feeling it, then we really have to ask ourselves the question, are we really growing or is it just the fact that more people are coming?” he asked.       

To address this concern, Mr. Beckles said the country need to have apolitical conversations in hopes of fostering growth.

“Until we begin by habit to have apolitical conversations, we are not going to grow; we’re not going to advance. 

“It’s that simple;  because for 50 or 60 years everything that we’re done in this country has been wrapped in political polarization and look where it’s gotten us.

“So, I say that to say that our conversation today needs to be apolitical; why? because when the Bahamas’ name is called, it is not your individual name, it’s all of  us regardless of who the administration is its all of us.

“So,  if the Bahamas is viewed as not being ready, that’s all of us. It doesn’t matter how I voted, we’re viewed as not ready,” Mr. Beckles said.    

Another major concern he said is that successive governments have failed to invest in the domestic economy. 

He  added that they have continuously burrowed too much money.

“The government of The Bahamas, successive, has warned Bahamians to stop spending money and to save  and that if you don’t have any money for a rainy day, then you will have a problem. 

“Then we turn right around and accept government’s conduct in spending money any way they want and say nothing about it; or when we do we call the radio station, we go on Facebook and we run out without realizing that the people we are talking about,  are the people that actually work for us,” he said.        

Mr. Beckles is calling for more to be invested in the domestic economy in hopes of sustaining economic growth.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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