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“Don’t Turn Back the Clock”, Says Roberts

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday strongly urged Bahamians to vote PLP, charging that a vote for the “reactionary” Free National Movement (FNM) would be turning back the clock.


The PLP Chairman in a statement said the FNM is “hell bent” on cancelling any progress made by Bahamians during his party’s reign.


“They cancelled over $80 million worth of public works contracts, including school contracts, stalling the economy. They threatened to cancel Baha Mar; they threatened to cancel the Freeport investment incentives; they cancelled the National Training Agency; they threatened to take back gaming licenses and they scoffed at BAMSI, so the record of the FNM on cancelling is clear,” insisted Mr. Roberts.


Further, Mr. Roberts suggested that the FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has adopted some habits of his party’s former leader, Mr. Hubert Ingraham.


“Sadly, Minnis has not learned from the colossal errors of his predecessor and threatens to derail the economy and many of the gains made to date that positively impacts the lives of ordinary Bahamians,” Mr. Roberts said.

The PLP chairman reiterated that his party has cemented a firm foundation, and as such should be recognized for.

“We are the only party committed to the elimination of contract workers in the public service. All workers should be placed on the permanent and pensionable roll. That policy must continue because it will bring big changes to the lives of thousands of Bahamians,” he said.

“With the University of The Bahamas, the National Training Agency (NTA), doubling of the nation’s investment in education, the single largest investment in education technology and our jobs training and placement program, our commitment to education and training is unquestioned. We must continue to touch the lives of Bahamians – bringing big changes to them,” Mr. Roberts added.

Meantime, Mr. Roberts said his party is committed to expanding on the NTA, among other projects.

“Building on this foundation, the PLP is committed to expanding the service offerings of the NTA to include retraining of the experienced worker and the establishment of universal access to pre-school education, causing for the education of our people from the cradle to the grave,” insisted Mr. Roberts.

“Bahamians want food security and BAMSI provides support for farmers and the creation of a new cadre of agribusiness professionals; only the PLP is committed to this empowering policy,” he said.

Harping on what he views as one of the FNM’s shortfalls, Mr. Roberts noted that the Opposition is not an advocate of National Health Insurance (NHI).

“The FNM has demonstrated absolutely no commitment to universal health insurance. So if Bahamians want NHI to continue, only the PLP has demonstrated the commitment to provide over 200,000 Bahamians with access to health insurance, not the FNM,” he said.

It is against this backdrop that Mr. Roberts said the PLP must be reelected to power.

“Our suite of labour friendly legislation that provides for greater job security must continue; this will not be continued under an FNM administration,” the chairman insisted.

“Our Homeowners legislation and Mortgage Relief Plan benefitted thousands of Bahamian families; the FNM did absolutely nothing to assist thousands of Bahamian families distressed with their mortgages,” he said.

“The Moores Island model for resolving longstanding land disputes with clean titles must continue and will be replicated across the length and breadth of this nation,” Mr. Roberts continued.

“We simply cannot turn back the clock on the progress we have made. The FNM has a legacy and a history of opposing and cancelling progress. The record of the FNM is clear on these matters – there can be no backing away from this,” he said.

“If Bahamians want to move this country forward together and build on the progress, we have made together over the last five years – I urge then to vote PLP – return the PLP to power to continue this important work on their behalf,” Mr. Roberts concluded.












Written by Jones Bahamas

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