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DNA Says “Unseal The Deal”


FullSizeRenderThe prime minister and several other government ministers were greeted by a raucous protest in Rawson Square prior to yesterday’s House of Assembly session, led by Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney and roughly about 100 DNA supporters.

The group holding placards that read “unseal the deal”, and “Christie is a liar” and chanted “we want answers “in regards to the sealed specifics of the Baha Mar agreement for several hours, with McCartney blasting the current administration once again, saying that he does not feel there is an actual agreement in place.

“The prime minister said they were going to give details as to what was going on, a day later they said the details were sealed so he was untruthful there. That whole press conference they had last week in regards to Baha Mar was a political stance,” he said.

“We had Moody’s that came out with the downgrade that put us just above junk status.

“Their agreement is simply an agreement to agree, there is no agreement yet I’ve been an attorney for 26 years what does that mean? There isn’t any agreement yet. They came out to give the impression that at the end of the day that Bahamians will get their jobs but it’s not going to happen. I want to see Bahamians get their jobs but this Baha Mar problem is the result of this PLP government,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney added that he questions to why the government would re-negotiate with the Chinese considering the fact he believes they are the driving reason the hotel is in dire straits at the moment.

“The prime minister wanted to give the impression last week that jobs were coming. How are you going to get any type of job when there is no owner or no operator at that facility? You have the Chinese bank and the Chinese Construction company which is the same one that messed things up in the first place.

“That’s the same company that has stopped work on The Pointe. The same company that is at the center of this entire debacle and we are now engaging them to finish this so call work; but you don’t have an owner so even when they do the work, who is going to employ the people,” Mr. McCartney said.

Prime Minister Perry Christie in the House of Assembly yesterday responded to critics, saying that the documents were sealed on instruction from the Chinese Government and it is not uncommon when dealing with high profile situations such as this.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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