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DNA Party: PM Offers More Harm Than Good In Office

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) calls on Prime Minister Perry Christie to “politely step down” from the country’s leadership office.

DNA responds to prime minister’s action of holding up his middle finger at Mondays outdoor Branch Meeting in front of Fox Hill, St. Anne’s and Marathon Constituencies.

“The time has come and gone for the Prime Minister to politely step down from his office, and this action shows that he may do more harm to the office and the country if he allows petty and vague allegations to destabilize him,” the party said.

“This sends the wrong message to our populous, especially our young persons, as we are all faced with the task of teaching and learning appropriate conflict resolution skills.”

“Any leader of a country must show calm and restraint, even in the face of challenging and anger worthy scenarios.

“We have already seen The Prime Minister place himself as a maximum God-like leader when he spoke about persons going to pastors and God, but ultimately having to go through him. This latest action shows that our Prime Minister is becoming or has become unhinged, and thinks too highly of himself that he could do this with no regard of the consequences.”

The DNA’s reaction comes alongside the same tone of Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) party, Hubert Minnis.

“What the PM did last night clearly shows the PM is no longer fit to be PM in this Bahamas, he is what I would term an obscene pm and his gesture was more than rude, his gesture was foul and has absolutely no place in the public domain, I along with all right thinking Bahamians was shocked and horrified by the public embarrassment by our Prime Minister,” Dr. Minnis said.

“This behavior to my knowledge is the first and hopefully the last time a sitting Prime Minister from our God-fearing nation publicly curse at the Bahamians by using such profane gesture.

“Regardless of where he is, he represents The Bahamas, his arrogance has no limit.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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