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DNA Leader: No Energy Reform under PLP

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Branville McCartney said despite the urgent need for energy reform in the country, Bahamians should have no expectations to see it from the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government because it is just another one of their empty promises.

According to Mr. McCartney, during the 2012 general election campaign, the PLP campaigned heavily on the need for energy reform in The Bahamas and even promised to drastically reduce the cost of electricity by encouraging the introduction of alternative sources.

However, Mr. McCartney said energy reform will not happen under the PLP administration because its members are “all mouth and no action”.

“Don’t look for this government to do anything but talk, talk, talk and talk,” he said.

“Why would a government campaign on energy reform and three years later, nothing has happened in terms of energy reform in this country. But, we have a third-world minded leader you know and they cannot fathom something such as alternative energy. They didn’t grow up thinking about that. They grew up on the old stuff.”

Mr. McCartney said with The Bahamas having one of the highest energy cost in the region, the need for energy reform has become greater than ever.

He said The Bahamas is the perfect place for energy reform and if not implemented, the country could be facing some additional serious issues.

“There is a need for energy reform because we as Bahamians are suffering like nobody else because of high costs of electricity,” he said.

“Our electricity is one of the highest costing in this region and that couple with value-added tax (VAT), high costs of living, people losing their jobs, and people losing their homes does not move well with Bahamians.”

Mr. McCartney discussed some of the benefits of energy reform.

“The benefits of lowering the cost of electricity are obvious. Reducing the cost of power generation can empower hundreds more Bahamians thereby improving the quality of life for struggling Bahamian families,” he said.

“Lower electricity rates not only encourage entrepreneurship, but also make available thousands of dollars in consumer spending which can be pumped back into the local economy. A switch from energy production dependent on crude oil also has countless environmental benefits. This is particularly important for our still developing country which depends heavily on various aspects of our environment to attract visitors and as part of our national livelihood.”

Mr. McCartney said in a 21st century Bahamas, electricity should not be a luxury which only the wealthy can afford and no longer can Bahamians pay light bills which rival rent and mortgage payments.

He added that the days of young children, the elderly or the infirm, suffering without comforts which electricity provide simply because they are unable to afford it need to be long gone.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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