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DNA Leader Commends Moss on Resignation

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance Branville McCartney commends Marco City Member of Parliament Greg Moss on his decision to resign from the Progressive Liberal Party.

McCartney said Moss’ decision to leave the PLP is a demonstration of his commitment to Bahamians rather than allegiance to the party line.

“It is indeed anticipated that those other younger members within the PLP party will soon muster the courage and follow suit and we look forward to extending similar congratulatory sentiments,” McCartney said in a statement.

Moss was one of several new faces recruited by the PLP during the 2012 general election campaign as the party sought younger voters.

“Calling persons like Moss, the bridge to the future, this Christie administration promised the kind of leadership that younger generations of Bahamians could look to for hope of a better and brighter Bahamas,” McCartney said. “Those promises, like many others made by this PLP government however, have proven to be nothing but hollow, empty words.”

He pointed out that since the DNA’s inception, the party has raised the alarm about the glaring similarities between the PLP and the Free National Movement.

“Despite their best efforts to appear different, both the Free National Movement and the Progressive Liberal Party are merely two sides of the same coin,” McCartney said. “Over the past three years in office, the PLP has consistently proven that its only interest is in the furtherance of personal agendas and not about the future development of this country for the betterment of all.”

He explained that Bahamians are beginning to see through the “smoke and mirrors of 40 years of party politics and slowly but surely the wall of political ties built by both parties is crumbling.”

“There is no God given right for only the PLP or the FNM to govern this country known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas,” the DNA leader said.

He added that Moss’ resignation demonstrates that even those from within the PLP’s own ranks are openly expressing their dissatisfaction with the obvious lack of vision displayed by the party’s leadership.

Moss resigned as a member of the PLP earlier this week, citing poor leadership as a key factor in his decision.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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