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Davis says he’s equipped to lead

Asserting that he is well equipped to lead the country, the Leader of the official opposition Philip “Brave” Davis says the Minnis administration is delivering “hopelessness and terror.”

Mr. Davis made the remark as he addressed the Eastern regional meeting of The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in Fox Hill Wednesday night.


The PLP interim leader especially took aim at the National Security   Minister in the face of increasing gun violence.


“Where is Marvin Dames? Didn’t he tell us leading up to the general elections that he has all the solutions? Where are these plans and ideas? Take it from me …He nor his FNM has any plans,” he said.


“And yet, night after night the carnage on our streets is growing. Young children and babies are now victims in what appears to be a vicious assault on the innocent. This massacre of our people cannot continue and must come to an end.”


Mr. Davis then charged the media with locating another “absent” MP.


“I am advised that a barge loaded with fuel had broken away since over the weekend and crash onto the rocks in the community of Grays, Long Island. This is an environmental disaster that began five days ago. And yet, days later since the barge broke away, not one word in the press or from the Cabinet has come to address these developments,” he said.


“Why the silence? Where are the officials to address this disaster? Where is the Minister for the Environment?”


Having bashed the FNM government, Mr. Davis sought to assure supporters that “Team Brave” is more than ready to reconnect the party following its stinging loss at the May 10th polls.


The PLP managed to hold on to just four seats in the political showdown and only one of those seats is here in New Providence.


With the past behind them, Mr. Davis said he looking to the future.


“I am committed to ensuring that women and young people are active

leaders and participants on our parliamentary team, so that we reflect the

demographics of our country,” he said.


“I am no stranger to the PLP. I have always been your ‘Clean Up Man’, I am the ‘Fix It Man’, and now I submit my application to become your leader. I know how to organize the PLP into a fighting political machine and I know what it takes to deliver victory for the PLP.”


Mr. Davis promised that under his leadership, the days of the PLP operating as a Tuck shop would be over.


The PLP heads into it convention next week.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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