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Davis Encourages PLPs to be Brave and Fight


By Keile Campbell
Journal Staff Writer

Prime Minister Philip Davis, duly dubbed “Brave,” encouraged Progressive Liberal
Party (PLP) supporters to follow him in being exactly that and to fight for The
Mr. Davis encouraged party supporters during his address on the second day of the
PLP’s 55 th National Convention at Baha Mar.
“We have to fight some powerful economic interests at home, so we can break the
stranglehold some factions still have on too much of our economy. We have to
fight for The Bahamas on the world stage – so small island countries – and black-
governed countries — are treated fairly. We have to fight if we want to hold
countries accountable for the guns that flood across our borders because of their
negligence and failures. We have to fight those who are polluting our oceans and
atmosphere, to force them to live up to their pledge to compensate us for the
damage caused,” Prime Minister Davis said.
“Listen, everybody call me Brave, but you’re all brave, too. I think everyone here
is ready to fight alongside me – to break the status quo, to create real change. And I
know that’s true for thousands of Bahamians watching from home, too. Our
parents and grandparents and great-grandparents and all the greats before them had
to fight for their progress. Now we have our own fights.”

He reiterated the accomplishments and endeavors of his administration, Prime
Minister Davis spoke on the need to prioritize what matters truly with what’s best
for the country.
“Values matter, and policies matter. Who you fighting for matters. Look at our
country’s major milestones — when you see big steps forward for the people, when
you see 15 the accomplishments that allowed us to build a modern and independent
Bahamas – you see the PLP. From winning our sovereignty, to building strong
democratic institutions and traditions, from the Defence Force, to the Central

Bank, to the National Insurance Fund, which we relied on during the pandemic, to
the University of The Bahamas,” the prime minister said.
“Understand this – every time we put forth big advancements for the country, the
FNM opposed us! Bahamians have relied on us in the past to secure our national
development and Bahamians are relying on us to do the same today. Our Blueprint
for Change is guiding us forward and just like our party’s original platform – it is a
vision dedicated to the service of all Bahamians, not a privileged few. That’s who
we were then, and that’s who we are now. Our values have remained the same –
but oh, how far we’ve come.”
Similar to other speakers who made a contribution at the convention, the prime
minister took aim at the opposing Free National Movement (FNM), once again
professed that the previous government’s seeming failure to run the country while
considering Bahamians.
“Meanwhile, consider them other fellas. They been all mix up in the FNM for
years now and that extends to this by-election, too. Ingraham said give up, don’t
run no candidate. Pintard pick a candidate without a plan. And Minnis? Minnis
doing what Minnis always doing: Plotting and scheming. Conniving and
conspiring. I tell you – they all mix up! I’m gonna leave them — we don’t need to
interrupt them while they falling apart. Here in the PLP, we know how to come
together. We know there is strength in unity and we know that a strong PLP
matters. A strong PLP is a winning PLP, and when the PLP wins, the Bahamian
people win,” Prime Minister Davis said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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