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Crime Down By 14 Per Cent

First quarter crime results are in and based on the figures the national security minister disclosed in the House of Assembly yesterday, the numbers are trending downwards.


According to Minister Marvin Dames, crimes against person and property have so far dropped by 14 per cent.


“Specifically, armed robberies are down some 31.8 per cent, murders today are down some 45.2 per cent, stolen vehicles down some 13 per cent and the list goes on,” legislators heard.


“With reference to firearms, already for the year, law enforcement have been able to take off the streets some 102 firearms and 3, 365 rounds of ammunition.”


The minister said the latter number was subject to change due to an operation in New Providence ear.


Mr. Dames attributed the recent successes in part to the police force’s short term strategies.


“It’s not only the job of the commissioner and his team. This is why our leader and the rest of the members of this house continue to push very progressive legislation to add to the force, to motivate law enforcement throughout this country, to energize, to show that we support them and to get the people of this nation behind them,” he said.


The minister’s comments came while leading off debate on the Interception Communication Bill yesterday.


The proposed law, first tabled by the Christie administration in 2017, is touted as an effective crime fighting tool for the police, who must stay apace with rapidly changing technology.


“The Interception Communication Bill is a comprehensive law to fight sophisticated technologically savvy criminals and dismantle their criminal networks,” Minister Dames said at the time.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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