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Cooper Hits Out At Robinson Over “Janitor” Comments

I. Chester CooperProgressive Liberal Party Deputy Leader Chester Cooper has blasted Free National Movement MP Travis Robinson over comments he made last week after it was announced that Members of Parliament will be receiving a raise in the next fiscal year.

In an interview  last week Robinson asserted that pay raise was well deserved as he shared a similar pay scale with of persons that work as janitors.

While speaking to Young Liberals at the Progressive Liberal Party Headquarters on Sunday,  the Exuma and Ragged Island MP blasted Robinson for his comments.

“I also note that the FNM representative for Bain and Grants Town, young Travis Robinson – a bright young man whose success I usually applaud, told The Tribune that parliamentarians are paid like janitors, and at least a doubling in salary for MPs would stem corruption. Imagine that!

“The people of Bain and Grants Town should be insulted.

“I suggest the prime minister counsel his young MP, have him apologize to the people he represents, among whom there are many hardworking janitors, worthy of respect, who only wish they made what MPs do now.

“And maybe the prime minister can have a talk with Mr. Robinson about how even the richest of people can still be corrupt. Corruption is an issue of character, not of compensation.

“In any event, I think that as the FNM meanders along a course of what is shaping up to be a series of bad calls, it is now long past the time for the PLP to stop crying,” Mr. Cooper said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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