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Collie says PM embattled and not ready to lead again

Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Sidney Collie has expressed his uncertainty that Prime Minister Christie is ready to lead the country for another term calling him embattled and ill-equipped.

Mr. Collie says while Mr. Christie may feel he is ready to lead again and he has expressed as much, the Bahamian people do not feel he can lead them for another four years nor does the FNM.

“They know that the PLP Government has been more concerned about taking care of their foreign allies and political supporters than the Bahamian people,” he said in a statement.

“Their record stands for itself – junk bond status, endemic unemployment, and rising crime, which has led other countries to issue travel warnings, scandals, secret deals, and continued mismanagement and failures.”

Mr. Christie has already started his campaign kicking things off in South Eleuthera where he said his mother’s roots are.

He is confident he will garner the support he needs.

The Prime Minister made this clear while addressing the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) New Providence Women’s Branch at the party’s headquarters recently and yesterday during a press conference.

Mr. Christie is hoping to hold on to the reins of the government and reminded the audience why his government should be reelected.

“One of the central priorities of my government has been the enhancement and modernization of our national public health platform. This effort has demanded the channeling of significant investments into the strategic approach of health care reform and reform through which we intend to maximize access care and enhancing quality of care for all Bahamians,” he said.

“But I’m in a category of my own now because only Sir Roland Symonette and Sir Lynden Pindling have served longer than I have and by the grace of God in another short period of time I will go beyond sir Lynden.”

Yet still Chairman Collie says the last four years under the PLP have been plastered with empty rhetoric and broken promises.

“We continue to encourage them to run on their failed record. While the Prime Minister is trying to explain away the past four and a half years, maybe the Bahamian people will finally get answers to critical questions that the PLP have been ignoring for years,” Mr. Collie lamented.

“Like, where has the VAT money gone?  What are they hiding in their secret Baha Mar deal with their Chinese allies?  Why have they not fixed our failing school system?  How do they answer for the continuously high murder and crime rates for the past four consecutive years? “

The Bahamian people deserve answers he said, answers the FNM will work feverishly to retrieve.

“The FNM will continue to stand with the people and hold the PLP accountable for their failed record of the past four and a half years,” he said.

“We will not rest until Bahamians get satisfactory answers to their questions and concerns, not more campaign spin.”

The PLP will hold its long waited National Convention at the end of this month.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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