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Cold cases, not closed

In the Police  Crime  statistics for 2018, cold cases – those that have not been fully solved were not included in the report.

According to Police Commissioner, Anthony Ferguson, this is  due to the fact that they remain open.

“There are any number of cases that are still outstanding.

“We refer to them as cold cases, but they are not closed, a murder case is always open. It’s just that you are not able to find the witnesses or the relevant evidence then at that particular time.

“And then at the rate that we were going, that Bahamians were killing one another, sometimes you would find that it takes a longer time to address, to bring it to a conclusion.

“But it’s never cold as such, that’s just a terminology that we use, it’s always open,” the Commissioner said.

Though encouraged by the noted reductions in crime, the Commissioner said that this did not happen by mere coincidence,  but as a result of analyzing trends, re-focusing policing operations and developing valuable intelligence.

“The operations and training of all areas of the force working together in support of my anti-crime strategy and my policing plan were deliberate and impacted the reduction in overall murders and other serious crimes.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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