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Churches Enhance Security

Local churches are shelling out thousands of dollars on security equipment in the face of an unabating crime spree.

In fact, operators at Bethel Baptist Church said over the years, they have installed 17 surveillance cameras, security bars, video systems and other protective measures.

Reverend Melvin Grant, minister at the church said after a number of break-ins, they were not taking any chances.

Nearly 20 video cameras were installed on and off the Meeting Street church property.

“Gone are those days when you could have the church open 24/7 and you could have people come in and pray. They don’t tip when they get into the church or be quiet in here. They chew gum; all of the respect is gone out the window,” he said.

“People have no respect for God or man, so we’ve had to put in measures to protect not only the property, but also the people working here….At every function we have to hire security guards. We have them in all the parking lots and we have someone upstairs watching the cameras to tell us what is going on….Sadly that the reality we live in today.”

From shattered glass to overturned desks to papers scattered, church operators have seen it all and the New Covenant Baptist Church is no exception.

The church’s senior pastor, Bishop Simeon Hall said his church has also fallen prey to criminals.

He said he has invested $6,000 on security bars alone and even more money on having security guards in place.

“There’s a combination of guard services that act as a deterrent, but a number of churches use alarm systems and CCTV systems as an extended preventative measure,” Bishop Hall said.

President and CEO of ICS Security Concepts, Stephen Greenslade said his company’s church clientele has increased, as robbers continuously wreak havoc.

“Over the past year and a half, we’ve seen a significant number of churches requiring our services. As a result, we now service a number of churches providing guard services on their properties,” he said.

“Typically, what would happen is that robbers would go into these premises while church is being held and vandalise the vehicles of the parishioners or steal from them. In other instances, people burglarise churches and steal anything they think they can resell.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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