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PM Calls Critics’ Attacks “Unfair”

Criticism of the government’s first 60 days in office have been “unfair” and manufactured to score political points, Prime Minister Perry Christie recently suggested as he fieled questions about his administration’s performance since being elected back in May.

Mr. Christie stood firm in his position that his government’s performance thus far has been exemplary, even boasting that his administration has experienced successes in the fight and against crime and in a short while, he predicted, a positive turnaround in the country’s fiscal challenges.

The prime minister said much of the criticism against his government comes as a result of the current Opposition needing to prove its relevance after suffering a crushing loss at the polls and its subsequent attempt to rebuild under new leadership.

Mr. Christie said that with a pending by-election in Abaco, the Free National Movement [FNM] has to appear as though it is in tact and united.

“The Leader of the Opposition has an incredible obligation to be able to do things more quickly than ordinary, so that his party sees him as a leader in Abaco. He must be able to go to Abaco and win a by-election and therefore he has to be strong,” the prime minister said.

“Then when he has the opportunity to confront me as his counterpart in the House of Assembly, he has to be able to look me in the eye, stand up and make the same point.”

Mr. Christie expressed optimism about the nation’s fiscal health amid the current gloomy economic picture and while he would not divulge any specifics, he hinted that based on discussions and meetings he has had, there are number of projects on the horizon that he believes will jumpstart the country’s economy.

“The country has benefited from change,” he said.

“It is a wonderful thing to have a new government come in with a fresh perspective questioning what the other side did. The country voted to bring us in. They voted for a new crime strategy, a new economic strategy and a major effort on reducing the cost of electricity – these are issues that country is concerned about.”

Mr. Christie also downplayed suggestions that his party campaigned on a promise to make significant accomplishments within its first 100 days in office, but now critics allege the administration is attempting to lower expectations.

“We didn’t say we would do everything in 100 days…We want people to know that good things are happening in the country and it will soon be apparent to even those who do not want to see it,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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