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Christie’s Wife Refutes Allegations

The wife of former Prime Minister Perry Christie, Bernadette Christie is vehemently refuting allegations of nepotism committed by her husband while in office.


She was responding to an article in a local bi- weekly that reported that her son was the real estate agent for Cross and Mosko Real Estate and Development Company when China Construction America (CCA) acquired the Bay Street British Colonial Hotel or the The Pointe.



The report alleged that Steffan Christie and another employee negotiated the sale and split the commission fee when the transaction was final.


Mrs. Christie’s comments came while she appeared on the Love 97/JCN Program “ Jones and Company”


“I hate to even quote The Punch, because I don’t even spend my money on it, but they had this huge lie again about my son getting some sale of the Hilton hotel, this is an outright lie , the government knows it; why can’t they just say we have the facts this is not the case.


Mrs. Christie also revealed the added strains on her family life during this past election season calling it, the worst she had ever endured.


“The stories I think this year made the worst campaign I had ever participated in. I’ve been in politics for forty three years, but I’ve never seen politics so nasty and evil.


“People claiming that we own buildings that we didn’t own; people presenting fake bank statement of my daughter and if you looked at the statement properly, you would see it doesn’t add up properly, but the sad thing is that there were people who believed these nasty stories


“ I think we do ourselves a disservice when we legitimize the thought that we should expect it . Nobody should expect people to tell lies about them. You can talk about my husband’s policies , my husband isn’t perfect and the PLP is not perfect, but you don’t have to make up stories.


“There is a difference from having an opinion to telling an outright lie,” Mrs. Christie said.


Mrs. Christie was also the target of critics as evidenced by a local rap song that surfaced during election season that made several derogatory statements about her.

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