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Very certain of being vindicated, former Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson and her team after more than a year’s suspension, are looking forward to what will take place at this year’s annual general meeting, which began over the weekend at the Melia Cable Beach Resort.

During yesterday’s session, Mrs. Wilson said among many pressing issues expected to be discussed at this year’s AGM is a forensic audit that will detail the distribution of finances within the union, something Mrs. Wilson says will free her and her team of the accusation of misappropriating the union’s funds.

“Myself, Lorraine Knowles, Mizpah Pintard-Munroe were suspended pending the findings of a forensic audit and a police report.

“The forensic audit is completed, the auditor is expect to give his findings during the session today, the police said they have completed their investigation and they have determined that there aren’t going to be any charges levied against anyone and the case is now closed, ” Ms. Wilson said.

However, Acting President Zane Lightbourne says otherwise and claims Mrs. Wilson and her team were outright rejected by the people and her delusions will ultimately lead to her undoing.

“Her team was rejected by the membership as 11 of the positions were voted on in the last election and only three of her candidates got in.

“Her team was rejected, now what happens going forward it’s all about the membership as this is the supreme authority and we’re looking forward to what’s going to happen because we’re presenting facts.

“We know that Ms. Wilson says a lot of things and a lot of what she says is misleading and intentionally not truthful and that is what got her in problems last time,” Mr. Lightbourne said.

Mr. Lightbourne also responded to claims from Ms. Wilson who said that executives were paid by persons in the political sector to overthrow her.

“She claimed that members of the executive team have been bribed by the government and other politicians to overthrow her. And misters are orchestrating the promotion of officers.

“That is a very dangerous statement, so we also have to deal with that matter and have her answer to that. I feel that to be very reckless coming from a member of our organization.

Outside of the internal power struggle there was a large number of teachers that found it difficult to register over the weekend, however according to both parties that issue has been resolved.

The AGM Business sessions continue today.



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