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BPL Outages Vexing

Peter Turnquest

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest weighed in on the recent bout of load-shedding at Bahamas Power and Light and acknowledged that “not having access to electricity has been an unfortunate and regrettable circumstance”.

Mr. Turnquest added that the government and BPL are continuing to work on solutions to this vexing issue, particularly with the acquisition of several new engines.  

However, the deputy prime minister also said the “issues with BPL and its legacy BEC have been long running and it’s unfortunate at the turn of events that has happened with that once very proud and reliable institution”.

“It points out the affect that policy can have on these state-owned enterprises, [and] in that particular circumstance a decision was made, I think in 2010, that affected its financial standing,” Mr. Turnquest said.  

“Since then, BPL has been struggling to maintain its engines and to provide for the replacement of its equipment as technology has changed and developments have evolved. 

“Hopefully, with the installation of these new engines we will start a new path and Bahamians will come to rely and have confidence in the services of BPL going forward.” 

The deputy prime minister in the meantime apologized for the inconveniences that have occurred adding that there’s no acceptable answer or solution to it, save to say, they are addressing the issue and expect some resolution by early fall.

Bahamas Electrical Workers Union President Paul Maynard meantime has put that timeline at December. 

BPL has since paid out some $2 million for rental generators.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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