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Bishop Hall Tells Haitian Pastors “Turn In Illegals”

Amidst the landing of an alleged Haitian sloop in the Adelaide area this past Saturday,  outspoken clergyman, Bishop Simeon Hall is calling on Haitian pastors to turn illegal immigrants in and not allow then to break the laws of the country.

“Pastors themselves, who have been naturalized into the Bahamian community and particularly those who serve as pastors of Haitian churches, do not give refuge to anyone who would try to break the laws of The Bahamas.

“We are sympathetic to the plight our Haitian brothers face, but we must uphold the laws and there is no way that Haitians can continue to find  refuge  and comfort in The Bahamas when they come illegally, and they are lost and amalgamated into our country.

“So, I want to call plainly on pastors, Haitian pastors, regularized, not to give refuge to people who will break our laws and impunity,” Bishop hall said.

Speaking with this Journal, Bishop Hall said  that the fact that a Haitian sloop landed unnoticed, speaks volumes about the protection of the country’s borders.

“How can that be, what do we say with our Defence [Force]? Is it functioning well enough that it could happen right in the face of the Defence Force?

“I do not know the particulars, but all I’m saying is that we got to do a better job,” Bishop Hall said.

Bishop Hall further said  that although his call comes at a time when Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has given immigrants an ultimatum, he believes that those who were born here and have been here for years, should be regularized.

“I think based on what the Prime Minister said the other day, they should be regularized with haste.

“I would like that to be emphasized. Persons who have been here for some years, particularly our Haitian brothers should be regularized,” Bishop Hall stressed.

The Minnis administration has given illegals of all nationalities a December 31st deadline to voluntarily leave the country or faces consequences.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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