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Bishop Challenges Bahamians

President of The Bahamas Christian Council Bishop Delton Fenander challenged Bahamians to move forward to a place of “one God, one people, one Bahamas” as the country’s journey does not end with the transition of leadership.

Bishop Fernander gave the challenge on Sunday during the country’s 44th Independence celebrations on Clifford Park.

“I want us to know that the journey of the people with God and in God does not end with the transition of leadership,” he said.

“The exercise of maturity of our democracy is best seen in the passing of mantles.  Our responsibility to another generation is seen when we can prepare leaders to rise up and take us forward, upward, and onward together.”

Bishop Fernander’s challenge was inspired by the theme “Toward the Rising Sun: One God, One People, One Bahamas.”

Moving to a place of “one God, one people, one Bahamas” involves a sense of identity and commonality, Bishop Fernander said.

“It transcends the political divide.  It moves us away from tribalism.  It takes us to a place where we are significantly stronger.”

He noted that the success of one Bahamian should lead to the success of all Bahamians.

“Whether one is from Acklins, Bimini, or any of the islands in between, we are all Bahamians. We celebrate and rally around this pride and economic power that should be for all Bahamians,” Bishop Fernander said.

“That the Commonwealth of The Bahamas should be for all Bahamians and the wealth should be more common.”

The president of the Bahamas Christian Council also indicated that the nation is facing a future with unlimited possibilities which include globalization, technological advancement, new sources of power, wind and solar energy, and opportunities to bridge the digital divide.

As a result, he said it is incumbent for Bahamians “to thread the ground and possess what God has already promised these beautiful islands we call the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

“A new generation must attend to the stewardship of democracy.  We must return to our Christian values.  We must return to our places of worship. This land is God’s land. We are called to march on,” Bishop Fernander explained.

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