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Bishop Calls for National Consensus on Crime

In the wake of a series of homicides in The Bahamas over the last few weeks, retired Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Province of the West Indies, the Most Reverend Drexel Gomez is calling for the reordering the Bahamian society.
Speaking on Love 97 radio show Issues of the Day yesterday, Bishop Gomez said, “A subculture has developed in our country.”


He said there needs to be a consensus of the kind of country Bahamians want to build.
Bishop Gomez, who is also the chairman of a crime commission and author of a report on youth development many years ago, said there is a need for a vision on youth development in The Bahamas and this vision must be led by the church and adopted by the political directorate, since the church is the moral conscience of the nation.
His statements came after he was questioned about the presence of evil in the society and the incident in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a gunman on Sunday evening killed some 50 persons and injured 400 who were attending a rock concert.


Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a diplomatic note to the Government of the United States expressing solidarity over the mass shooting.


According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the U.S. was assured of the prayers of The Bahamas for the families of those fallen and injured in the attacks.


A Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman said, “We are always saddened by such inexplicable violence and we commiserate with our friends and neighbours in the United States over this tragedy.”


The ministry spokesman noted that there have been no reports of any Bahamians affected by the incident in Las Vegas.


However, Bishop Gomez said, “Every murder is a contribution to the presence of evil.  The personification of the devil is the evil found in people.  The devil is busy disrupting the goodness of God’s creation and the devil uses people to carry out that work.
“The Americans have an opportunity to do something about evil in their society and must address the gun laws which are contributing to the preponderance of evil—when you are able to easily get a gun.”
When asked how do you combat evil, Bishop Gomez said, “We have to convince everyone of the goodness of God and show them that they are supposed to be on the side of good.  We in the church have placed emphasis on formalism and not on what is the real experience of God in your life.”
He said we are being bombarded by evil on social media which is destroying our society

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