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Former Christian Council President, Dr. Ranford Patterson has at least one person standing in his corner following criticisms from the Opposition Chairman that he allowed the Prime Minister to spew lies about the PLP from his pulpit.

Current  Council head Apostle Delton Fernander is of the view that his colleague would not have known what the Prime Minister  would say in his address.

“Obviously,  I don’t think the Pastor would have known  what was going to be said from the pulpit. 

“It is a general polity that when politicians are given the opportunity to speak from the pulpit,  that we try to keep the message positive. We try to keep it wholesome and so in that regard,  we don’t not blame the Pastor, in this case a past President for what took place,” Apostle Fernander said. 

However, PLP Senator Fred Mitchell argued that in some churches, the Prime Minister would have been stopped in the middle of his address.

Apostle Fernander said he doesn’t know a church where that would have happened. Still, he issued this reminder. “We’ll ask that politicians be mindful that it is not a regular stand that you are speaking from, you’re speaking from God’s holy pulpit and what we would rather come from the pulpit is messages of hope , messages that uplift, and messages that talk about a uniting of our people. 

“So, in that regard,  we have done this before with leaders of parties. We have to remind them about what the pulpit is for,” the Christian Council President said.      

The opposition denounced  the Prime Minister’s comments, adding that Dr. Minnis continues to abuse the privilege of the church by crossing the line.

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