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Bain and Grants Town Library Receives Books

Representatives of The Bain and Grants Town Library and Museum have received several books donated by Jones Communications Network (JCN) to enhance its library and museum.

Chief Executive Officer of JCN, Wendall Jones, said that the books donated present a wealth of knowledge.

“On behalf of the management of Jones Communications, we are pleased to offer these books to the Bain and Grants Town Library and Museum committee, because we are proud of the work that this organization have been about over the years, The Bain and Grants Town Development Association.

“Rev. Dr. C. B. Moss and his team in that organization have been doing a wonderful job in educating the people of our country.

“Dr. Moss has a program on Love 97 every Thursday evening and many people talk about the amount of education they get from that particular program. And indeed, he has used some of our books, to impart some knowledge to the people who he has as audience.

“And so, we thought it was fitting to present all of the books to the library in Bain and Grants Town,” Mr. Jones said.

President of The Bain and Grants Town Development  Association, Rev. Dr. C.B  Moss said the books are a treasure trove  and the finest collection he has ever seen.

“We are just so glad that Mr. Jones has consented to make this presentation to us today.

“We are from the Bain and Grants Town Library and Museum and we are here to receive copies of these most outstanding books.

“We are grateful to be receiving these books. These books will not only be put in circulation, in our library for the use of our clients, but we will also be show-casing these books because this is a collection of some of the finest books I’ve ever seen.

“I’ve read most of them. They were produced  here at Jones Communications Publishing house, an excellent media organization, which is providing a yeoman’s service for the education of Bahamians,” Rev. Moss said.

The books donated by  JCN include, The One Hundred Most Outstanding Bahamians of the Twentieth Century,  Forty Years of Independence, Fifty Years of the Growth of the Tourism Industry, Fifty Years of Majority Rule, Bahamian Legends and  one called  Hurricanes, A Force of Nature.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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