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Bahamian Divers Replace Foreign Fishermen

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Minister Michael Pintard expressed, just before the start of the 2019 crawfish season, that the more than 40 persons enrolled in the Department of Marine Resources first ever diver training program will be employed on commercial fishing vessels, particularly during this lucrative season, which began yesterday. 

According to the minister, 44 persons were trained in a joint program with the department and the National Training Agency by Royal Bahamas Defence Force master dive instructors.

“On completion, students will be given a one month internship on commercial vessels as facilitated by the Bahamas Commercial Fishing Boat Owners group. We are grateful for their participation. This would no doubt in the long run will assist them with ensuring that they have a Bahamian crew,” Mr. Pintard said.

“We expect some of these divers will be put on these vessels.

“More Bahamians trained as professional divers mean more availability of divers, lessening the need for foreign workers to carry out these tasks.”

As yesterday marked the official start of the crawfish season, Mr. Pintard also noted that non-Bahamians will not receive compressor permits to fish as he said this arena is reserved for Bahamians only. 
“Only Bahamian owned fishing vessels are allowed in this sector,” Mr. Pintard explained.

“The government is taking a policy decision to go back to the practice of protecting this sector for Bahamians. This is not a new position. 

“It is a position that successive governments had taken and for a variety of reasons had deviated from that position. It is not a sudden decision. Twelve months ago, this was indicated to all commercial vessel owners that this would be the position that we would take.” 

The crawfish season ends March 31, 2020.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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