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Andros Crash Caused By Human Error

According to the report posted on The Bahamas Air Accident Investigation department’s (AAID) website, the pilot’s limited qualification, experience and proficiency in operating in weather deemed “less than visual meteorological conditions” due to reduced visibility and rain, were contributing factors in the incident.

The 17-page report, said AAID was notified of an overdue U.S. registered Piper Aztec with 6 souls – 1 pilot and 5 passengers – on board.

The plane was enroute from San Andros to the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Air traffic control advised that after the aircraft made contact, it was radar identified and provided weather information as requested by its pilot.

However, the plane was soon observed reversing course, as if it were heading back to San Andros Airport.

It was then observed making several unusual turns to various headings, while climbing and descending without ATC approval.

The report further found that the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen during this process.

Several attempts were made to get a response from the aircraft with no success.

The pilot, read the report, failed to maintain control of the aircraft, possibly as a result of spatial disorientation and a lack of situational awareness, causing him to continue flight into meteorological conditions for which he was not comfortable flying.

On January 18th, investigators from the AAID with assistance from the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) headed to the scene.

However, a limited amount of the aircraft wreckage and remains of the victims were recovered.

A local fisherman searching in the area of the crash site  on February 14th found the major components and parts of the missing aircraft.

However, authorities were not alerted until four days later on February 18th.

Once notified, recovery and salvage efforts were arranged and mobilized.

On February 25th, salvage efforts recovered approximately 90 percent of the wreckage, which was then sent to the U.S. for further analysis.

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