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A 29-year-old female is now in police custody in connection with a string of child abductions spanning from February 16th to March 29th in the capital. 

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Solomon Cash, the suspect was arrested in the Eastern District of New Providence. 

Also in police custody is a thirty- five-year-old female believed to be an accomplice in one of the matters, which occurred early February. 

Mr. Cash said that she was arrested in Eleuthera.

The  Officer said, “ since these incidents started to occur; we were committed to our investigations. We  opened  a major incident room which comprised of various resources from the police force, including our technical and our intelligence resources,” he said.

He added, “ we were able to launch a full-scale investigation, which led up to the point today  (Sunday) that we can be conclusive in saying that we suspect that both individuals we have in custody are responsible for the incidents.”

Mr. Cash also said that the Department of Public Prosecution has been consulted on these matters. 

Hopefully, he said, the police would be able to identify which charges will be levied against these individuals. 

Mr. Cash explained that police have “conclusively associated  the suspects  to four abductions”. 

The additional two matters, he said, have  no bearing on yesterday’s announcement. 

He added, however, that police are not looking for additional suspects at this time. 

Mr. Cash  said, “one of those matters  we know,  there’s a domestic motive behind that. There’s some relative that removed the kid from a home unbeknown to that relative.”

He added, “the other matter happened in the Culmersville area. That is still under active investigation.

When asked  about a possible motive behind the abductions, he said that he does not want to disclose anything that the suspect communicated with the police. 

“However, suffice to say, she confessed,” he said. 

Police are currently awaiting the arrival of that 35-year-old accomplice for further questioning. 

Three-year-old Shavar Bain was abducted by two women in a silver car while he was riding his bicycle outside his South Beach home on February 16th

He was dropped off at a wash house on Joe Farrington Road and Fox Hill Road the next morning.

On March 3rd, an eight-year-old girl was taken from her home off Wilton Street. 

She was later dropped off at the entrance of Woodlawn Gardens graveyard less than an hour later.

Reports indicated that a man entered the home and took the little girl, however police did not mention how the abductor got into the home.

On March 7th, three young boys, ages ten, five, and eight, were abducted in Kool Acres and Emmanuel Drive, off of Soldier Road. 

Two were returned to the area  where they lived, while the eight-year-old was dropped off near the entrance of the city dump on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway. 

On March 29th, police reported that a woman driving a silver vehicle stopped alongside two boys, ages eight and ten, near their Collins Close home.

According to authorities, the 10-year-old walked away. However, the woman successfully lured the other boy into her vehicle and drove off.

A short time later, the boy was released on Tonique Williams Darling Highway near the entrance of the City Dump. 

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