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FNM Says Davis Should Apologize For GB Neglect

 The Free National Movement (FNM) has called on Opposition Leader Philip Davis to apologize for the neglect of Grand Bahama  under the administration of the Progressive Liberal Party. In a statement issued yesterday the FNM  accused Mr. Davis for

 undeservedly taking credit for the new port development in Grand Bahama.

The statement said, “the old and tired Brave Davis is once again providing an alternate view of reality, continuing a track record of lies. This time he claims the woeful PLP is responsible for the new project with Carnival to build a new port in Grand Bahama, announced last week. If the Minority Leader thinks he is fooling anyone, he should give up.

“Perhaps Brave needs to be reminded of what he and his PLP incompetents are in fact responsible for as it relates to Grand Bahama. Does he recall that more jobs in Grand Bahama were lost during Christie’s PLP administration than any other? Does he remember when Treasure Bay Casino and Memories Resort closed, laying-off hundreds of employees? How can Brave forget the backlash to PLP legislators in Grand Bahama living lavishly while citizens struggled to put food on the table?

“It is also a shame that the opposition leader can make such a claim about helping Grand Bahama after insulting the entire country with their mismanagement of the hurricane recovery. Many might recall the PLP’s response to questions concerning the budget deficit and multiple credit downgrades that transpired during the last administration. They claimed the economy was slowed by hundreds of millions in hurricane relief, primarily in Grand Bahama but resulted in little to no relief for most of the Island,” said the FNM.

The Party  stated:“Regarding Grand Bahama, the only thing coming out of Brave’s mouth should be apologies. He should apologize for both the neglect Grand Bahama has suffered under PLP rule and for the empty promises he made for years only to leave Grand Bahama in far worse shape than when the PLP took office in 2012.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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