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Minister of Youth Sports and Culture  Michael Pintard yesterday said he believes his Ministry has a commitment to engage young people in The Bahamas in youth activities by inspiring the youth through arts and culture.

Mr. Pintard  made the remarks  as his Ministry is gearing up for its second Culture and Youth in the Park festival; a community outreach programme   which showcases creative and cultural artist’s talents to the urban community.

Working with various community and church organizations Mr. Pintard hopes this endeavour will help in  the challenges these communities face with the youth.

“We have a commitment to engage young people particularly in our historic communities.

“Many of the challenges that our young people are facing, we believe would’ve been worse had it not been for the many organizations including Church or faith based organizations, the civic and social organizations who continue to intervene in these communities.

“We want parents and young people to know the various organizations they can join and be a part of and support,” the Minster said.

He said,  “A part of this exercise is to expose the community to these types of organizations.  At the same time, it’s important that we showcase the talent in these communities.

“We believe Bahamians are as talented as anyone else and anywhere else, to the extent that young people in our historic communities can see gifted young persons just like themselves performing and speaking to them about real issues they are facing in their community; it inspires them.

Last week, a culture and youth in the park’s inaugural event was held in the Bain and Grants town community where it was widely received by community members.

With a joint effort from private and public entities to bring this idea to light and further engage the youth, Youth Officer John Ronald Darville stated that this festival takes various organizations and volunteers to make this initiative work.

“Statistics have proven that young persons who are involved in holistic activities are less likely to be engaged in deviant behavior.

“A thrust based on the mandate that has been given to us is to bring to the community level youth engagement organizations, programs and projects that may be facilitated by persons in various youth organizations that are registered with the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture,” Mr. Darville stated.

Project Coordinator Henry Higgins informed The Bahama Journal of some of the talent that will be performing.

“We have a number of groups from the Centreville community that will be performing that day. The Centreville Primary School Choir will be out in full force; it’s an 80 voice children’s choir.

“We have the Fort Fincastle youth group, Leroy the ‘Limbo’ King for limbo dancing and Sammie Star, one of our great musicians and singers along with Mr. Jay, who does a lot of his music based on educating children stay in school.

“We will be showcasing the culture of Centreville on this day,” Mr. Higgins informed The Journal.

This wider initiative the Ministry is embarking on will also bring forth various workshops and classes for the youth to participate in.

The ministry seeks to uplift the various neighbourhoods throughout the Bahamas.

Culture and Youth in the park will be this Saturday, February 24th from 3pm – 7pm and will be held at The Father Marshall Cooper Park in the Centreville area.

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