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Young father behind bars for fraud

A young father of one was yesterday jailed for fraud. 

Nathan Bain, 20, also known as  Jason Cartwright, Jamal Davis and Jamal Bain, was  arraigned before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis on six counts of fraud by false pretenses.

It is alleged that on Sunday June 17 – concerned with another – Bain obtained documents from four men.

The documents included Bahamian passports, NIB and voter’s cards and $40 cash each. 

The victims, who were seeking employment in the construction field, were under the impression that Bain, who in this instance, went by the name Jason Cartwright, was an employee of Albany. 

It is  alleged that Bain, acting as a recruiting agent, told them he would be able to secure them jobs at the company if given their documents and $40 toward their uniforms.

All four of the men met with Bain who spoke more about what was expected of them and told them that they would be able to start working the following day, adding that he would bring the uniforms.

The men, who reported to Albany on Monday June 18, later found out that there was no Jason Cartwright employed there and that they were deceived out of their documents and cash. 

Bain, admitted he received the documents and the funds, and that his brother Jaron Bain gave him the name to use. 

The accused said he went along with the plan because he was homeless, unemployed and had a daughter on the way. 

He also told the court that his brother fractured his eye and gun butted him among other injuries, after he told him he would go to the police. 

In  two other separate incidents, Bain also received $26  and $59 from a man and a woman.

On Tuesday September 18, under the name Jamal Davis, Bain told a woman he was a Baha Mar Entry Department Supervisor after she told him her son was looking for a job.

The woman’s son spoke with Bain and gave him copies and originals of his documents – including his police record, diploma and $21 for a uniform and $5 for insurance. 

The woman took her son for an interview at the Baha Mar Academy, but when they got there, they were told there were no interviews on that day and they were not familiar with that name.

In another instance, under the name Jamal Bain, a man said he met Bain in August, who said he was a mechanic at Baha Mar and was “cool with the boss,” so he would help him get a job.

The man gave Bain $59.18 for uniform and VAT payment, his resume, NIB card, and a copy of his passport. 

Upon arriving to Baha Mar, the man was told that there was no orientation and there was no one by the name of Jamal Bain employed there.

Bain insisted he was under the influence of his brother, who allegedly fled the country. 

In the first matter, Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis sentenced Bain to 2 months on each count, a total of 8 months and on the second matter 2 months, for a total time of one year to be served consecutively at The Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Bain was not represented by an attorney.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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