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Work Permit Fees Worries Mitchell

The 2019/2020 Budget Debate wrapped up yesterday in the Upper Chamber with Senator Fred Mitchell, who addressed concerns regarding the increase in work permit fees. 

He said these fees have now become a revenue center for the government to the extent of some $50 million per year. 

He added there is no incentive for any government to turn down work permit applications because these boil down to a loss in revenue.

Mr. Mitchell added that the government has doubled the cost of work permit fees over the past year. 

 “I think they [the government] did not proceed in last year’s budget, to raise the cost of work permits for caregivers because many people argue that it is difficult to get Bahamian caregivers,” he said.

“So, the work permit fee was kept at $1,000. I thought that was a wise decision because many people struggle to even make that, but now that has gone up to $2,000,” he added.

Last year, the former immigration and foreign affairs minister urged the government to reconsider increasing work permit fees and instead double permanent residency requirement costs. 

He added that the government has to ensure that it does not inflict damage on various sectors, causing a black market to develop. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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