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Victim Recalls Teacher’s Sexual Assault

The first witness and the victim in the trial for the teacher alleged to have had unnatural sexual intercourse with a male student began yesterday before Supreme Court Justice Roy Jones.

Andre Birbal, 51, never looked up at the young man, now in his mid-20’s, who said Birbal touched him in ways he should not when he was only in the seventh grade.

The man said he lived in Freeport, Grand Bahama his entire life and attended the Eight Mile Rock High School where Birbal was his art teacher.

But he said things took a turn one day when he was told to stay back after class as punishment for laughing at a classmate’s joke.

The man told the court that after everyone left, Birbal walked to the door and looked around.

He said he remembers Birbal walking to his car, grabbing a black bag and bringing that black bag back into the classroom before locking the classroom door.

The witness said Birbal held his mouth and looked at his teeth, telling him that he knew people who could fix them for him.

At this point he said Birbal started taking pictures of his teeth and then began unbuttoning his uniform shirt.

The witness then broke down in tears.

He could be seen shaking and holding his head, trying to keep his composure.

The victim then went on to say that as he watched Birbal unbutton his uniform shirt and pants, he started to get nervous.

Eventually, the witness said his uniform pants fell to the floor and testified that the teacher began performing oral sex on him, kissing him and playing with his private parts.

The witness said Birbal then went back into the black bag and grabbed lubricant, which he used on his finger before touching the young man’s anus.

The witness said he then blacked out.

When he woke up, he said his bottom was burning and he saw blood.

He recalled running to the bathroom and telling Birbal that he would tell on him.

However, he said Birbal then threatened to tell his friends and the school’s principal.

Afraid, the victim said he did not mention it to anyone else.

The acts of unnatural intercourse continued on for years, according to the victim’s testimony which also revealed that Birbal said they were now in a relationship.

However, he called it rape.

He said on numerous occasions he asked Birbal to stop and questioned why he was doing this to him.

The witness said he wondered how many other young boys Birbal had done the same things to.

He said to get him out of the house, Birbal would come to his home and tell his mother that he was taking him to church or to clean his yard.

He even recalled one time when Birbal carried out the act in his apartment.

When asked by the prosecutor what Birbal did to him, the witness, visibly upset said, “He stuck his penis in my bottom.”
He said those attacks continued until he pleaded for help years later.

The former art teacher is charged with six counts of unnatural sexual intercourse between January 2002 to 2007.

Attorney Darnell Taylor is the lead prosecutor and Ramona Farquharson-Seymour represents Birbal.
The trial continues before Justice Roy Jones.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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